The AT&T Executive Briefing Center, Global Headquarters - Dallas, TX



If you found your way to my website there is a decent change you know what an EBC is, but here is a quick primer.  Executive Briefing Centers have been around for decades. The largest corporations in the world use these centers a way to convey the company's strategic interests and vision of future business development with their creative partners. If you've ever wondered where billion dollar deals are made, it's likely that some of the details were hammered out in an EBC. 



This was a big project for one of the world's largest corporations. A company with over 300,000 employees, who had a desire to build a state of the art EBC. I personally gave around 30 high level presentations to AT&T's internal creative team, as well as in-person, on-site presentations to the VP of global marketing. I began this project working under my friend and mentor Rama Allen, who at the time was a senior Creative Director at the Mill, who was promoted mid-project to Executive Creative Director, in turn, elevating my role to Creative Director of product interaction. This was a large and complex job that required me to use every single skill I have acquired over the past ten years, as well as develop a number of new ones. This project had been in the works for two years before I joined. I ran my side of the project for tens month before handing the project off to another creative director so that I could attend to another life goal- earning a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction. 

AT&T is as important a global player as some countries. They own and monitor much of the physical architecture that makes up the internet, literally spanning the globe and connecting countries via fiber optic cable- a process that have been intimately involved in since the first cable was laid across the Atlantic. As you can imagine their vision and strategic interests are impressive and it's takes a perfect mix of confidence, curiosity and modesty to understand such a client.

10 months. 

Director of Interactive Product Design - The Mill NY

Responsibilities included: creative direction, client presentations, on-site management, quality control, and collaboration with creative partner companies. Required an understanding of hardware testing, data sets, architectural installation, and software development. I worked directly under the ECD and the EP of the Mill, along side a Technical Director, a Producer and the Creative Director of film.

I directed a team that ranged in size from 5-10 people. Including designers, developers, compositors. I worked in concert with other team leaders within the company, such as a Director of Visual Effects for creating 9K 3D renderings, and the Director of Film, who was creating 9K films. 

In addition, I worked directly with the Director of Software Engineering for Control Group, and the Senior Strategist at RAA, among many others. 

Ralph Applebaum Associates
Control Group (now Intersection)


I plan on finishing this case study once I have some free time (which might be a while). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Areas to be covered in final case study:

  1. Discovery

  2. Production

  3. Implementation

  4. Delivery