Sheet Cutting Experiment


A square spiral, tiled into a maze- like pattern. The alternating shape allows the wood to be bent in multiple directions. The long line of the spiral distributes tension evenly to prevent breakage.



  • The material is flexible in all directions, converting a once rigid/brittle material into a flexible one.
  • When the the tension is released it snaps back to a flat shape. 
  • Then spiral shape evenly distributes tension, making breakage very rare. If the wood is going to break, it will break where the grain of the wood is perpendicular to the long edge. 


  • Fast.
  • Ability to create very fine detail.
  • Efficient use of the material.
  • Once you make the pattern, you can print as many as you like.
  • Can create beautiful objects from inexpensive materials.


  • Leaves burn marks.
  • Smells like burnt wood.
  • Requires a lot of up-front planning.


  Created the pattern in Illustrator.

First, test cut from a $0.30 sheet of mat board.


Then, laser cut from an $8 sheet of birch wood.