In recent years I've become obsessed with publicly available high-resolution satellite imagery. The resolution is reaching the point where it is difficult to differentiate between aerial photography from a plane, and screenshots from google maps. Photographers such as Andreas Gursky and Edward Burtynsky have pushed the boundaries of large format photography. This is my humble attempt to capture compelling images from around the world without living my apartment. 

"Microchip" cities - Cities planned by the Chinese government as housing for local agriculture communities in central China.

Ice and coastal communities,  the Artic. Communities captured at higher resolution during warmer times of the year. 

Series of blue roof buildings, China.

Semi trucks lined up at the Chinese, Mongolian border. / Desert formations.

Mysterious patterns that can be seen from space carved into the Gobi Desert, China / Checkpoints that lead to these locations. 

Man Made islands and other large scale projects, Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Desert Oil Refineries

Sheep ranches with watering holes, Australia.

Water ways, New Zealand.

Patterns created by rice farming, China.

Mountain patterns.

Reservoir, location unknown.

Ice formaitons, Artic.

Ice fields, Artic.

Overlapping Satelite imagery taken at different times of year. Show here exaclty as it appears in Google Maps.

Outdated satellite photos with psychedelic colors and paint-like texture. 

An island being formed / Clouds with compression noise in the shadows. 


Alien-like water formations, location unknown.

Selective high resolution imagery in a coastal oil region. 


Oil rigs