CAPTAIN AMERICA - Winter Solider Titles  

This is  pitch I worked on for Chichago-based design company Sarofsky.


BIOS information loads, filling the screen. The screen scrolls rapidly to display new information until we land on the Director's credit. A command is entered, and a new screen loads containing the next frame, we push in.


A globe made of dots expands onto screen. From each dot extends a thin line, at the end of each line, a horizontal dash. When very close to one of these dashes you can see a name.


Cut- Closer to the globe. We fly past each name, from title to title.


Cut- flying directly at the globe. Black tentacles are surrounding each name. When this happens it is as though a light goes out and the name is gone.


Cut- Red background. We see a profile of Captain America's shield, it is spinning. A hand enters frame from the left, it tries to grab the shield, but misses. 

CA_F06_v09 (00000).jpg

Cut- The shield falls end over end in slow motion. The inside of the shield is shiny and gleams, the outside is worn and scratched. Black tentacles follow and begin to surround the shield.


CA_F07_v09 (00000).jpg

Cut- The shield is falling away from us, a large tentacle wraps around it. It is unclear if the shield is sinking, or being supported.


End title. The shield continues to fall away. The details on the shield catch light from a far off and fading source of light. Captain America. The Winter Soldier.